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Our Workshop Facility is located No 32 Gul Avenue. It’s total area is 4300sq meters with covered area of 1500sq meters.



Our Equipment and Facilities includes:


3 nos Milling Machines2 nos Drilling Machines
5 nos Lathe Machines1 nos Gear Hopping Machine
1 nos Boring Machine2 nos Sawing Machine
1 nos Flange Rolling Machine1 nos Pipe Threading Machine
2 nos Plate Rolling Machine1 nos Bending Machine
1 nos Plate Shearing Machine1 nos Hole Punching Machine
4 nos Overhead Crane
(1 ton x 2 sets, 1 ton x 1 set, 3.2 ton x 1 set)
2 nos Air Compressors
82 nos Welding Machines (FCAW & SMAW)10 nos TIG Machines
4 nos Electrode Baking Oven